A Bit of Fun for the Dog-Lover!

Fun Stuff!

Fun shirts and graphic designs made for the dog lover in general. Non-breed specific. Guaranteed to make you smile, and your heart swell with love.

Any of these may be made personally for your dog and/or breed in mind. Simply contact me and send me the details of what you would like.

Prices are based upon the style of shirt, sweatshirt, clothing or any other product you select. You may select different t-shirt styles and colors, as well as add, or remove, a solid background behind the design, as shown in the “Virtual Dog” below.

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The Affenpinscher (Toy Group)

The Affenpinscher (translated from German as Monkey-Terrier) is a peppy dog that has the face and impish nature of a monkey. This wire-haired terrier-like breed acts like a bigger dog as he proudly struts around. The coat of an Affenpinscher is usually black, but they also come in gray, silver, red, belge or black and tan.

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Afghan Hound

Afghan Hound (Hound Group)

Referred to as an aristocrat, the Afghan Hound’s appearance is one of dignity and aloofness. Well covered with thick, silky hair, very fine in texture, the Afghan hound’s coat is a sort found among animals native to high altitudes. They can come in all colors, and while the breed is an excellent hound (hunting by sight) its popularity here has been generated by the breeds’ spectacular qualities as a show dog.

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Airedale Terrier

Airedale Terrier (Terrier Group)

The undisputed “King of Terriers,” the Airedale Terrier is the largest and hardiest of the terriers, and an all around useful dog. The breed’s coat is hard, dense and wiry, with a softer undercoat, and comes in both tan and black and tan and grizzle. This breed was one of the first used for police duty in Germany and Great Britain and has also been popular with Presidents, including Woodrow Wilson, Warren Harding and Calvin Coolidge.

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Akita (Working Group)

Large, powerful and alert, the Akita is a working breed that originated in Japan. Dignified and courageous, the Akita today is popular in the show ring and also participates in performance and therapy work. The breed’s thick double coat can be any color including white, brindle or pinto. An Akita trademark is the plush tail that curls over his back.

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