Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog

Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog (Non AKC Breed)

The Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog, the naturally docked-tail version of the Australian Cattle Dog, is a courageous, tireless, robust, compact working dog. The dog is agile, well-muscled, powerful and determined while working.

A Look Back

The Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog originated from Australia. It is a descendent of the Dingo, which was crossed with a long dense-coated, black and white bob-tailed dog (Smithfield). In 1988 the breed was recognized by the Australian National Kennel Club.


Energetic, watchful, free-spirited, obedient and alert. Brave and trustworthy, the Stumpy Tail is suspicious of strangers, but very loyal to its own family. It possesses a great working ability to control cattle. It loves to work and is very attentive to its owners’ commands. It is an intelligent cattle dog that can become easily bored, leading to serious behavior problems. It is not the type to sit around the house or be tied up in the backyard all day doing nothing. It needs a firm, confident, consistent pack leader, who will give it rules to follow and limits as to what it is and is not allowed to do. This highly intelligent working dog needs to be part of the action and will thrive if you give it a job to do. (Dog Breed Info)


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