Group – Sporting

Sporting Group: What is it?

Sporting Group is the name of a breed group of dogs, used by kennel clubs to classify a defined collection of dog breeds. Not all kennel clubs include the same breeds in the Sporting Group, and some kennel clubs do not use the Sporting Group classification. Sporting Group dogs are in general those used for hunting birds and small game, but not all dogs of this type are included in the Sporting Group of any particular kennel club. (Wikipedia)

Naturally active and alert, Sporting dogs make likeable, well-rounded companions. Members of the Group include pointers, retrievers, setters and spaniels. Remarkable for their instincts in water and woods, many of these breeds actively continue to participate in hunting and other field activities. Potential owners of Sporting dogs need to realize that most require regular, invigorating exercise. (AKC)

Sporting Group Breeds (Wikipedia)

  • AKC: American Kennel Club
  • ANKC: Australian National Kennel Council
  • CKC: Canadian Kennel Club
  • KC: The Kennel Club (UK)
  • NZKC: New Zealand Kennel Club
  • UKC: United Kennel Club
  • AKC FSS: American Kennel Club Foundation Stock Service

American Water Spaniel (not recognised by the KC (UK), ANKC, or NZKC)
American Cocker Spaniel
Barbet (Recognised only by the CKC and UKC)
Boykin Spaniel (Recognized by the AKC and UKC)
Bracco Italiano (only recognised by the KC (UK) and the UKC, currently in the AKC FSS)
Braque du Bourbonnais (recognised only by the UKC)
Cesky Fousek (recognised only by the NZKC and UKC)
Canadian Pointer (recognised only by the ARBA)
Chesapeake Bay Retriever
Clumber Spaniel
Curly Coated Retriever (not recognised by the ANKC or NZKC)
Drentsche Patrijshond (recognised only by the UKC)
English Cocker Spaniel
English Setter
English Springer Spaniel
Field Spaniel
Flat-Coated Retriever
French Spaniel (recognised only by the CKC and UKC)
German Longhaired Pointer (not recognized by the AKC, ANKC, or NZKC)
German Shorthaired Pointer
German Wirehaired Pointer
Golden Retriever
Gordon Setter
Irish Red and White Setter (AKC FSS)
Irish Setter
Irish Water Spaniel
Kooikerhondje (Recognised only by the KC (UK) and UKC. AKC FSS)
Labrador Retriever
Lagotto Romagnolo (not recognised by the CKC. AKC FSS)
Large Münsterländer (not recognised by the AKC)
Nova Scotia Duck-Tolling Retriever
Portuguese Pointer (only recognised by the UKC. AKC FSS)
Small Münsterländer (recognised only by the UKC and CKC. AKC FSS)
Spanish Water Dog (not recognised by NZKC. AKC FSS)
Spinone Italiano
Sussex Spaniel
Welsh Springer Spaniel
Wirehaired Pointing Griffon (not recognised by the ANKC, NZKC, or KC (UK)

Image and Breeds from AKC